About Chitorhino

Confessions of a serial entrepreneur…

After serving as an Army ENT physician, I started my private practice treating patients suffering from ear, nose, and throat problems.

One thing was clear after I started my private practice, the ENT field was ripe for invention. I’m not just a doctor, I am also an innovator. I have invented handheld endoscopic cameras, stints, and other devices used in the ENT field. However, I am most proud of the ChitoRhino products.

Literally, the effectiveness of chitosan was right under my nose. We ENT physicians had been using chitosan to promote healing surgical wounds.

Fast forward to 2013, there wasn’t a single over-the-counter nasal and sinus care product that used chitosan, despite its overwhelming use by ENT physicians.

ChitoRhino was born. However, being the inventor that I am, I saw improvement for the common sinus rinse bottle. The neti-pot and other leading brand squeeze bottles are really poorly designed.

Look at your ketchup or mustard bottle the next time you grab it from the refrigerator – it probably has a little valve to prevent that annoying drip. Now look at that leading brand(s) sinus rinse bottle – yep, nothing special. A bottle and a tube. Now think about all that stuff in your nose going back into that bottle!

So I designed a new bottle; the CleanWash bottle – if it’s not a CleanWash it’s a dirty wash! We use two valves for extra protection. This is a new design that prevents backwash and provides for easy cleaning!

The results have been amazing. From professional colleagues who are now convinced of chitosan’s amazing properties and the benefits of ChitoRhino to satisfied customers, it really has been a wonderful and satisfying experience.

We are a fully 100% veteran owned and operated small business and we really want to make an impact on the world around us. You can visit our Facebook page and see some awesome organizations we support. A portion of all sales goes to supporting these groups.

Thank you so much for your continued support.


Dr. Melder
Founder, CEO
Ideoto, LLC

P.S. Why Ideoto? – IDeas from an OTOlaryngologist (ENT) – Ideoto